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Discussing Science Based Policy

An Environmental Policy Research Project

The Project

Many environmental changes are irreversible and already manifesting: the Arctic, Pacific Islands, coral reefs, and ocean acid levels will never return to its past form. Science-grounded policy needs to overcome the fact/value distinction to effectively manage such issues. The 2020 Presidential election is a pivotal event. The policies that candidates support are shaped by social and geophysical environments. The policies that the new president pursues are meaningful and affect the United State’s long-term behavior while acting within the larger context of an international community. It is therefore important to emphasize the importance of science-based environmental policy to the public and candidate offices. 




Years of Combined  Experience in poltics and policy

Dedication to policy transparency

Why Focus on Presidential Candidates?

Project Outputs

While presidential candidates seek to distinguish themselves from one another in their character, policies, and proposals, important aspects of the environmental policy of candidates as a whole tends to be under-addressed in reporting and public conversation.


While beliefs about the environment and humankind’s relationship with the environment become a point of contention and emotion in reporting, the scientific basis of the policies receive far less attention. This project aims to bring the scientific roots of candidate environmental policy into the public’s attention by compiling and disseminating information about candidate environmental policy. We also engage with candidate offices to communicate why science-based environmental policy matters.

As we progress in our project, we will be posting information on our website about updates. We will also be producing write-ups of findings for local and online news outlets. As candidates elaborate on the role of science-based environmental policy in their campaign and policy goals, memebrs of the group will write articles.


Additionally, we will be reaching out to candidates via phone, email, and social media to encourage them to elaborate on the roots and reasoning of their environmental positions.


This project does not lobby, campaign, or support any specific candidates-- our goal is to inform the public of the basis of candidate policy proposals and candidate beliefs so they may make more informed decisions.

Project Background